• From accounting experts, for accounting practices.
  • From accounting experts, for accounting practices.

    Automating your Practice’s accounts payable digital invoice capture and approval process will open your eyes to a far better, more productive and more informed way of working and deliver up to 90% productivity gain over a manual approval process.

  • Increase profitability for everyone.

    Significantly increase both your client's and your practice's productivity through advanced invoice capture and approval automation to increase profitability.

  • Delight your Partners and management.

    Everyone outside the finance department will welcome the change. The simple and fast digital approval process from any device saves them time whilst delivering real-time information on everything they need to know.

  • iCompleat for your clients.

    Once every Partner experiences the full benefits of iCompleatInvoice from personal use, they are in an ideal position to both introduce and explain those benefits to their existing and prospective new clients.

  • iCompleat for your clients
  • iCompleat for your clients

    A single deployment of iCompleatInvoice supports an unlimited number of clients, each with their own secure iCompleatInvoice environment, integrated with ANY accounting application.

  • Best practice compliance.
  • Best practice compliance.

    iCompleatInvoice delivers a 100% digital audit trail from the moment every invoice is received and validated, who coded it, approved it and approved the payment. It defines the new benchmark for best practice, including MTD.

  • Practice what you preach.
  • iCompleatInvoice.

    Practice what you preach.

    Try iCompleatInvoice in a test environment or integrate with your accounting software to discover its full functionality. No credit card required!

  • Advanced e-Invoicing for 99.999% accuracy

    Over 80% of all invoices are now emailed digitally rich PDFs, delivering faster and more accurate e-invoices, plus OCR for the remaining scanned paper invoices.

  • When is the right time for change?

    Paper invoice approvals are a waste of everyone’s time from the Senior Partner down. With a no cost (except for e-Invoices processed) and no risk, why not today?

  • Lead from the front.

    iCompleat redefines the level of automation available for entire accounts payable process. Is your practice a leader or a follower?

iCompleatInvoice is a fantastic app which provides a user-friendly invoice approval function and allows the users to check invoice payment status instantly. This has helped our firm to manage the accounts payable processes more efficiently, whilst moving towards a paperless office.

Kristian Galea, Senior manager
IMS Fintech - Malta

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