Five things you probably didn’t know about iCompleatInvoice

iCompleatInvoice is a self-service, easy-to-implement purchase invoice automation solution for small and medium-sized companies. This smart spend solution enables companies of all sizes to implement and deploy an invoice automation platform to the specific level of sophistication their organisation requires.

You may ask, why would I want to implement this powerful cloud-based product? Not only does it save time, money, paper and prevents human error and accounts discrepancy, iCompleatInvoice also allows you to access real-time spend data from any connected device and whilst being fully integrated with your current ERP or accounting system. Having all this information at your fingertips gives you unprecedented ability to make informed and agile business decisions.

Still, as iCompleatInvoice is a relatively new product, we’ve decided to take you through some of the points you may not have yet discovered:

  1. Power to the (budget owning) people

Fragmented communications and siloed departments hinder business growth and result in confusion and mistakes, especially when it is about budget spending. Wouldn’t it be great to give autonomy to the heads of department and have a complete, real-time view of their spending to the finance team? Good budget holder management can help you achieve just that.

iCompleatInvoice enables teams within the organisation to manage and approve purchases through the appropriate channels, making sure that they’re in budget and that all invoices can be reviewed and consulted directly on the platform.

Decisions to spend on new projects now rest with the budget holders (subject to their set approvals) as they know exactly what they’ve spent and how much they have left.

  1. More checks for fewer worries

iCompleatInvoice validates the details of any new supplier to ensure these are correct to prevent any instances of supplier fraud, keeping you from unnecessary financial risks.

Additionally, the system checks for duplicated invoices and leaves a fully auditable trail, bringing additional peace of mind that all outgoings are checked, registered and synchronised with your existing ERP software.

  1. Make it yours –  simple or sophisticated

iCompleatInvoice has a vast set of features and functionalities which can be enabled by you. This gives you the choice to add more sophisticated workflows and functionalities to your system or keeping it simple but streamlined. We all have different styles of working and iCompleatInvoice adapts to you.

Go from the most basic set-up with automatic invoice processing and approvals to the right users, or go sophisticated with advances, multi-step workflows, exception management and in-depth reporting.

  1. Helpful to one, helpful to many

iCompleatInvoice is extremely versatile and scalable, set up and run with multiple approval workflows, hundreds of suppliers and give access to as many users as you require. As your business grows, iCompleatInvoice grows with it, supporting and streamlining your accounts payable process.

  1. Exceptional invoice exception management

Intelligence makes the difference, and in this case, how smoothly and touch-free your approval workflows are, make the biggest difference to your finance function. iCompleatInvoice learns from your workflows, decisions and changes, enabling you to run a more efficient approval process.

This works thanks to our sophisticated invoice exception management tool. Starting with a set of defined rules on what action to take for certain suppliers, item codes or even item descriptions you can let your system direct the approval process to whoever needs to know. If there is an invoice that does not match the rules or where a decision has not been predefined, you will be alerted, prompted to define what to do and the system will now know what to do in future similar cases. The more invoices you process, the smarter our system becomes.

iCompleatInvoice brings you one step closer to a dream financial team with zero paper involved. If you’d like to learn more about this product or request a demo, please get in touch at